LS9 69 Camaro


I’ve just finished my latest project, an LS9-powered 69 Camaro. It’s my most ambitious project to date, though the original II Much (my 67 Nova) might disagree.

The car has all the very best stuff from Detroit Speed: mini-tubs, Quadralink, subframe, subframe connectors, etc. Forgeline center lock wheels, Wilwood 14.25″ brakes, InfinityBox wiring and harness, VaporWorx fuel system, C&R Racing radiator and intercooler, and Vintage Air heating and air conditioning.

Some of the unique features of the car include a custom exhaust (2″ primaries, 4″ collector, oval tubes, x-pipe, and 3″ tail pipes), a complete custom dash and matching interior, Cobra Misano carbon fiber seats, 9 speaker stereo/navigation system, constant velocity driveshaft, automatic headlights, LED interior lighting, self-draining catch cans, and more.

Here’s a few pictures:

Custom interior

Custom interior…

...Coming from this

… from this

Ready for a hood

Engine ready…

... starting from here

… starting from here

8 thoughts on “LS9 69 Camaro

  1. Im interested in ordering your vent system for my LS swap but the site to order doesn’t seem to be working. Can you advise.

  2. Who did the dash and center console? I’d love to get something like that for my 69 Z.

    I think that looks incredible everywhere but pat yourself on the back, it’s awesome.

    • Hi Ken, thanks very much!

      The basic fiberglass parts are made by MCI (Modern Classic Interiors). I can’t recommend them — the parts took over a year arrive, and they never finished the carbon fiber inserts that I paid for. I had to have a local shop (JR Automotive Interiors) finish the fiberglass inserts to look like carbon fiber. In the end, it turned out fine, but it was quite difficult getting the parts to fit, and I had to do significant fabrication to make it all work.

      Here’s some more detailed information about the car and its interior:

  3. I love the info and feedback so thank you very much. I understand on quality and fitment, sent many an item back for poor fit or no fit before. Those were mainly Chinese reproduction parts and nothing as elaborate as you’ve done there. I love the car, thank you so much for the information.

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