New project at II Much Fabrication

Drive-by-wire gas pedal installed

We’ve got a sweet 69 Camaro SS here in the shop getting the full pro-touring upgrade. It’s got an LS3, T56, DSE QuadraLink, and a bunch of other upgrades. The photo above shows the DBW pedal bolted to the old original firewall, using FabBosses. Instead of endless cutting and measuring, along with custom sheetmetal work, I held the pedal where it needed to be, cleaned the paint off the to-be-welded surface and tack welded. From there, the other FabBosses were quickly trimmed and tacked, and then fully welded. The pedal is exactly where GM recommends, and it is securely held in place.

Bonus: when the carpet is placed back into place I’ll cut three holes in the carpet for the FabBosses to come through. That way you get an accurate torque when tightening the bolts, instead of compressing carpet and wondering if the bolts are tight enough.

Sold welds to sheetmetal is easy with the .060 wall thickness of the FabBoss base

2 thoughts on “New project at II Much Fabrication

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  2. Hi
    I am installing a ls3 in my 67 camaro and was wondering how to install the same gas pedal like the one in this picture.Can you please tell me what Fabbosses are?
    Might be a dum question but i dont know.
    Thanks for your help!

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