PTFE Hose and Fittings

There’s no ferrule in this hose end. The collar slides over the hose, and the fitting threads directly into the PTFE liner. It’s lightweight and easy to do, and no bleeding required.

We’ve gotten a lot of requests for more information about the hose we used in our twin vent install on the Tommy Camaro. It uses a PTFE inner liner, which is important to reduce fuel permeation (smell), and an Aramid outer braid. Aramid is a Kevlar brand name and it is tough stuff. It is literally bullet-proof. The braid feels soft to the touch, but requires side-cutters to cut the thread — it just laughs off heavy duty scissors.

Assembly is easy: just slid the outer (silver) collar over the end of the hose, and then twist the fitting (black) into the hose with some light lubricant. The fitting twists easily into place with your hand or a short AN wrench, and the fine threads on the inner fitting support easy clocking for non-straight hose ends. The hose is rated for high-pressure applications, including power steering. You can get all of it at Pegasus Racing.

I’ve also gotten several requests for the part numbers we used in the install, so here they all are in one place:

  • Vent fitting: 90 degree AN ORB fitting is an Earl’s part: AT949006ERL
  • Tank fitting: 90 degree 1/4 NPT to AN 6 is also Earl’s: AT982206ERL
  • Vent hose end: 90 degree AN 6 Pegasus Racing hose end: 3481-06-90 DEGREE
  • Tank hose end: straight AN 6 Pegasus Racing hose end: 3481-06-STRAIGHT
  • Hose: Aramid braided (Kevlar… and it will take its toll on your cutting tools) AN 6 PTFE hose from Pegasus racing. 3490-06-FOOT

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